Fort Myers Beach, FL


Fort Myers Beach, FL: A Prime, Popular Destination!

Visitors Flock to Southwest Florida Every Year

Fort Myers Beach, FL, is located on an island off the coast of Fort Myers, FL, and it is internationally known as an amazing tourist destination, featuring sunshine, fabulous beaches, great fishing, beautiful beachfront hotels, condominiums, tiki bars, and restaurants.

Beautiful Beaches, Fantastic Fishing, Amazing Adventure

Fort Myers Beach boasts a gorgeous beach to its west and the Intracoastal Waterway to its east. The beaches are all open to the public, including the beaches that front the hotels and condos. There is plenty of sand for everyone to share in Fort Myers Beach, FL.

Fisherman can do a great deal of fishing on the beach, in the marinas, or by charter, as the fish are biting all year! Fort Myers Beach, FL, features nine fishing charter companies. Fort Myers Beach, FL, also has a fine marina, and plenty of the homes boast their own private docks.

A Great Place to Vacation — Or Live!

The first-time hotel guest or condo renter often becomes an “in-season” resident of Fort Myers beach, FL, the following year. The population soars from just over 8,000 people to more than 11,000 in-season, numbers that do not include tourists who flock to our five outstanding hotels and the more than a dozen condos and timeshares throughout the year.

The population on Fort Myers Beach, FL, consists mostly of retirees. However, during the school breaks, kids of all ages flock to the island.

Cuisine For Every Appetite in Fort Myers Beach, FL

Fort Myers Beach, FL, has a wide variety of restaurants, 69 in all, spread all over our island. They range from elegant, fine-dining experiences to those with a casual tiki-hut atmosphere. Many of the restaurants and eateries also feature daily live entertainment.

Find Every Business and Service You Need or Want!

The EZToUse Fort Myers Beach, FL, print and IYP listings provide residents and visitors alike with an indispensable resource needed to meet the demands of the increasing population and to locate businesses and services to maintain or increase the value of their Sanibel and Captiva homes and condos.

People search most for HVAC contractors, electricians, plumbers, general contractors for remodeling projects and new construction, marine repair, dock builders, physicians, attorneys, chiropractors, dentists, and restaurants.

The heat and humidity of Fort Myers Beach, FL, can be a welcome draw for visitors, but it can take a toll on the area’s homes and condos. Once an air conditioner breaks down, mold can appear within days. Air conditioners should also be inspected and cleaned at least once a year.

In addition to the importance of licensed HVAC companies, licensed electricians are greatly needed in Fort Myers Beach, FL. Proper ventilation requires fan installation and replacement throughout homes and businesses. Electricians are also contacted to update systems with the ability to control everything through smartphones. This is a popular option in the Fort Myers Beach, FL, area.

The water in this area contains a high amount of calcium, which is detrimental to cast-iron piping, toilets, sinks, water heaters, and faucets. In addition, trees and bushes grow rapidly in Fort Myers Beach, FL, creating a root system that quickly grows through sewer lines after a few years. These issues necessitate the work of an experienced, licensed plumber.

Remodeling is constant in Fort Myers Beach, FL. It is common for homeowners to remodel their kitchens and bathrooms after only five years, simply to satisfy the ever-changing tastes. These remodeling projects extend to lanais, docks, and pavers, too.

Physicians, dentists, chiropractors, and attorneys all stay busy in Fort Myers Beach, FL, thanks to the portion of the population that moved to Florida after their retirement. Residents ages 60 and older need regular medical appointments, and lawyers are always needed to set up wills and trusts.

Restaurants remain busy with retirees that do not want to cook and families who do not have time to cook.

Each of these businesses and more will benefit from the EZToUse print and online services,  helping to maintain and grow their customer base.

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